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5 Fun Date Ideas for Summer

It’s many peoples’ favorite time of the year when the sun is out longer, and we want nothing more than to run out of the office to grab happy hour. But sometimes, drinks at the local pub aren’t the best place to take a new flame or chat with a crowd. Here are some things to do this summer with a partner to have a good time that doesn’t involve sports games and bar food.

  1. Rooftops: Probably the simplest upgrade from your local bar, especially in cities, you can never go wrong with a good old-fashioned rooftop date. Even if you’re not crazy about overpriced rosé and nachos, the view makes up for the bill!

  2. Picnic in the park: Easy, cheap, and outdoors, you can never go wrong with bringing a meal and a bottle of wine to the park. Just make sure to bring plastic cups so you don’t get fined for the riesling.

  3. Paint and Pour: A new popular attraction, painting a picture while drinking a few margs is a great way to have a fun date involving a drink for those with a creative side!

  4. Binge-Watch Date: Is it pouring rain today, and have you both had your eye on that new Netflix docu-series? It’s perfect timing to get snacks from the pantry and cuddle on the couch. Sometimes, you need a break from the heat and stay in with the AC instead!

  5. Local farm or farmer’s market: Whether you’re in the middle of nowhere or a metropolis, there is nothing sweeter than local produce and fresh flowers. Many farms now have in-house restaurants and breweries; it’s definitely worth a Google for a change in scenery.

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